The people of Croom object to plans by Limerick Council to replace the stone walls of one of the oldest bridges in Munster with steel.

Under heavy traffic, the ancient structure which crosses the River Maigue has begun to crumble. Due to its dangerous condition, Limerick County Council has been forced to carry out urgent repair work. However, these repairs would mean the removal of the ancient stone parapets to be replaced by steel railings. 

The bridge of the River Maigue in Croom is one of the oldest in Munster but modern transport is no respecter of history.

Sean Cregg of the Croom Action Committee gives his views on the destruction of the parapets and wants the council to reverse their plans. However consultant engineer Pat Hanley says that it would be too expensive to preserve the old parapets. 

The existing bridge is too narrow and it is substandard between the parapets and it would be foolish to invest a lot of tax payer's money and not bring the bridge as close to the proper standard as possible.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 4 May 1988. The reporter is Michael Walsh.