‘Voices From A Hidden People’ takes us to Limerick and North Cork to hear the song and poetry of the region.

Throughout the 18th century this area of Munster was renowned for its scholars and poets. Producing figures like Seán Ó Tuama and Aindrias Mac Craith. 

The village of Croom is the focal point of the region. Seán Ó Tuama kept a tavern in the town which became a popular haunt for the poets of the region. One of his poems 'Ól Dán Sheán Uí Thuama' describes his life as a tavern keeper and the form of verse used is thought to have inspired the modern 'Limerick' style of poetry. Another of Ó Tuama's poems is a tribute to the town, 'Croom of the Merriment'.

This episode of ‘Voices From A Hidden People’ was first broadcast on 4 February 1971.

‘Voices from a Hidden People’ was a series of six programmes, transmitted in 1971, that examined the literary and poetic heritage of six areas of Ireland. The series was inspired by Daniel Corkery’s ‘Hidden Ireland’ published in 1924. The series was scripted and presented by Diarmaid Ó Muirithe and produced by Gerry Murray.