As schoolchildren clear rubbish from Dollymount beach, Colm Connolly looks at the type of individual who leave the litter in the first place.

A task force of 500 Dublin schoolchildren assembled on Dollymount Strand for a beach clean-up operation. The clean-up operation on the eastern shore of Bull Island in Dublin Bay was organised jointly by Dublin Corporation and the Dublin Junior Chamber. It is part of Dublin Corporation's 'Keep Dublin Tidy' campaign.

It takes

Only seconds to spoil a beach or a public park for others.

But by clearing rubbish, the schoolchildren hope to set a precedent to those attending the beach over the remaining summer months.

Of course litter baskets and bins are put on beaches each year but as these youngsters proved, a lot of people seem to miss the point of them.

Litter encountered by the civic-minded children include broken bottles with a potential to injure beachgoers, buried rubbish and litter mindlessly tossed aside without any attempt to dispose of it appropriately.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 9 July 1978. The reporter is Colm Connolly.