The Art of Rubbish is a competition for people to make art from waste. Artist Pauline Bewick joins Pat Kenny on 'Kenny Live' to talk about some of the works of art created out of rubbish.

Pat opens the segment with an orangutan made out of wire from a pheasant pen and forestry fences, who reminds one member of the audience of Eamon Dunphy. The piece was made by sculptor Rupert Till. This is just one piece of art being used to inspire people to enter a new competition called 'The Art of Rubbish'.

The brains behind the competition is manager of TileStyle, Chairman of the Design Yard and all round art lover Jim McNaughton. Inspired by the work of Africans who made toys from rubbish, Jim wants to see

If the Africans can make so much from so little, if the Irish people could make a little from so much.

Artist Pauline Bewick joins Pat and describes just some of the upcycled or recyled works of art - from children's toys, to furniture to jewellery. 

This episode of 'Kenny Live' presented by Pat Kenny was broadcast on 12 October 1996.