Áine O'Connor visits Ireland's first artist's cooperative at 18 Upper Mount Street in Dublin to learn about the art of making fine art prints.

Old print making skills, lost arts of etching, woodcut, wood engraving and lithography came to life again in the hands of a dedicated group - Ireland's first artist's co-op.

Studio Director John Kelly explains how he got involved in what he claims is the oldest artist's co-operative in the country. He describes the work that goes on at the studio, how he became an artist, and demonstrates the technique involved in making a lithographic print on limestone.

The feeling of drawing on the stone I suppose was the thing that first attracted me and I just got completely hooked... on the discipline of printmaking.

Other artists in the studio also demonstrate how the process of etching works. 

Established in 1960 the Graphic Studio Dublin teaches traditional printmaking skills and provides studio space for artists. It was founded by Patrick Hickey along with Leslie MacWeeney, Liam Miller, Elizabeth Rivers and Anne Yeats. 

The success of The Graphic Studio has culminated in a retrospective exhibition at the Municipal Gallery of Modern Art in Dublin.

This report by Áine O'Connor for the programme  'Last House' was broadcast on 27 July 1976.