Cork sculptor Seamus Murphy talks about his work, his philosophy and the people who sit for him.

Unlike many other artists to come from Cork City, Seamus Murphy has remained in Cork where he lives and works. Seamus describes how he became a sculptor after one of his primary school teachers suggested that he go to art college. He later served a seven year apprenticeship in stone carving. Having completed
his apprenticeship, he worked as a journeyman on various public buildings and churches. 

When asked about his fascination with heads, he responds

I think human beings are the most interesting things there are.... The searching of a head to see what's in it, to see how it ticks or works... all that is part of trying to recreate not alone the physical likeness but the personality.

He also describes the need to develop an affinity between the sculptor and the sitter.

Séamus Paircéir chats to sculptor Seamus Murphy for the programme 'In Ireland Now' broadcast on 23 November 1965.