Kissogue Youth Group in Clondalkin have won a Tidy Towns award, not just for keeping their locality clean, but for their novel approach in returning the collected litter to the people who dumped it.

Kissogue Youth Group based in Kissogue House and run by the Catholic Youth Council took the initiative to clean the nearby Ballygaddy Road, which was not only an eyesore, but also a health hazard.

The refuse team then sorted the rubbish back at Kissogue House and returned it to those who dumped it. Surprisingly, people faced with their returned rubbish

Were very calm about it, they didn't make any fuss about it when we brought the rubbish back to them, they didn't start any fighting or anything, they accepted it.

Keeping the community clean and tidy is just one aspect of activities undertaken by the group, as Kissogue House also has facilities for wood and metal work. Many of the group are taking a welding course through which they hope to find full-time employment.

The main thing we have learned as a group is that we can be self reliant and we can get things done. 

An RTÉ News report by Maggie O'Kane broadcast on 15 July 1986.