A Cork school boy is teaching adults about computers and designing his own software.

Fourteen year old Mark Lande who attends Presentation Brothers College in Cork won the Supreme Award at the All-Ireland Schools Computer Competition, sponsored by Memory Ireland Limited. Judges of the competition were so impressed with his project that they could not believe it was done by a boy of his age, and consider him a genius on computers.

Mark Lande has been involved in the world of computers since he was 12 years of age his interest came through father's interest in amateur radio and electronics. He joined the school computer club and his interest developed from there. He now teaches computing to adults on a part-time basis at the Cork Microcomputer Centre. 

For his prizewinning project, Mark designed a 'Morse Teacher' program which demonstrates how computers can be applied to Morse code. It can be used to teach Morse to beginners and can translate English into Morse.

One day I just wrote a program to send Morse very easily and it just sprang from there.

The program will be of particular interest to people who wish to obtain a radio ham licence as they require a certain speed in Morse.

At the moment it is quite hard to learn Morse and it should speed up things and make it a bit easier to learn Morse.

Mark wrote the program in Basic and it runs on a Commodore 20. He worked on the program for a long time but put in a concerted effort for the final two weeks before the closing date for the competition. In the future Mark hopes to work in computing.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 May 1983. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.