Computex 88 Exhibition showcases the latest technology that sees a future with the computer at the centre of everything we do.

The Computex 88 Exhibition at the Royal Dublin Society (RDS) is taking place at a time when more people than ever are using computers in the office. The computer is now found in every facet of society and every aspect of commerce and industry. Owning a computer, once the preserve of big companies, is now within the reach of small offices and business people.

The Japanese are still leading the field of computer technology and the desktop monitors on display in the RDS are more sophisticated than ever before.

As computers grow more powerful and more popular, everyone is using them. Computex '88 Event Organiser Frank Quinn says traditionally a computer may have been used by an office secretary.

But now, more and more you're finding that managers themselves and financial people have a computer on their own desks.

In the future,

I think eventually artificial intelligence and voice recognition are going to be very big in computers.

The ultimate use of computers is probably,

Something like was in the '2001 A Space Odyssey' where you can simply talk to the computer and it does everything for you.

Computex took place in the RDS Simmonsourt Pavillion from 23 to 25 March 1988.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 23 March 1988. The reporter is Alan McCullough.