Software development company Microsoft launches their latest product Windows XP worldwide.

Microsoft Ireland has already sold 600,000 units of Windows XP. Microsoft Ireland employs 1,800 people generating revenue of $6 billion a year for its US based parent company. The Irish headquarters has played a crucial part in the roll-out of the new product with everything from the packaging to translation of XP into twenty four languages.

Speaking to RTÉ News Managing Director of Microsoft Ireland Kevin Dillon describes the important role the Irish HQ has played. 

The new operating system will cost close to £200 for the average home user, or just under £100 to upgrade from an existing Microsoft system. However, most PCs over two years old will not have enough memory to run the new software. In addition, some of the features of the new product raise questions over the monopolistic nature of Microsoft in the computer market. General Manager of Microsoft Ireland Joe Macri defends Microsoft's position in the market. 

It is hoped that the launch of Windows XP will give a much needed boost to the computer sector which is so important to the Irish economy. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 25 October 2001. The reporter is Robert Shortt.