Microsoft, owned by computer giant Bill Gates, launches Windows 95 - a new operating system aimed at making computers easier to use for consumers.

There was worldwide fanfare as computer giant Microsoft launched its new Windows 95 operating system. It is hoped that the new operating system will make PCs more accessible to the masses by improving navigation, use of multi-media and access to the internet.

The new product is aimed at both the corporate and the individual market, hoping to make the use of computers more intuitive. Leo Ring from Microsoft Ireland and distributor Martin O'Malley talks about the new product.

Windows 95 will be manufactured in Ireland from where it will be distributed across Europe. At a cost of £70 the demand for the product is steady and selling out fast in retail outlets.

Despite all the hype around the launch it won't be plain sailing for Bill Gates and his new Windows 95 campaign. The Apple Corporation claim that during the 1980s it pioneered many of the new features now in Windows 95 and says that the hype is creating unreasonable expectations for consumers.

Robbie O'Hanlon, Sales Manager for Apple Computers commented

We believe that a lot of people will be disappointed when they actually get to use it... There may be quite a significant backlash.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 24 June 1995. The reporter is Tony Connelly.