The latest in computer technology goes on display at the Simmonscourt Pavilion in the RDS, Dublin.

Computex '86 has attracted over 16 national and international exhibitors and more than 9,000 enthusiasts are to attend the three-day exhibition. The exhibition was officially opened by Communications Minister Jim Mitchell.

Though members of the public can pay in organisers say the exhibition is aimed at people like "businessmen who'll actually buy what is on view" and there are strict rules barring students.

Sorry No Students Admitted

Computex '86 showcases the new Commodore Amiga, a general purpose computer with novel graphic and sound capabilities. It costs £2,500. The innovative Bizquip RICCO photocopier offers the possibility to revolutionise presentations as it can take photocopies of the screen in 8 seconds.

The £9,000 Apple computer has the greatest potential for small business allowing them to bring out publications with typesetting, layout and printing machine capabilities.

A hot topic of conversation at the exhibition is the recent takeover of Sinclair by Alan Sugar's Amstrad. It is hoped that his takeover will mean greater availability of computers at lower end of the market.

An RTÉ News report broadcast 8 April 1986. The reporter is Joe O'Brien.