English punk musician John Otway has made a guitar from two sawn off Gibsons and a hoover belt.

John Otway has created what reporter Carolyn Fisher refers to as "the most ridiculous looking guitar" she has ever seen. It's made from two Gibson guitars, a couple of hinges and a hoover belt. 

Although best known for his collaborations with experimental musician Wild Willy Barrett the pair have recently parted company. John Otway is continuing to work on his solo material with a forthcoming single 'Mass Communication' due for release. 

I hope and pray that I never have to work with Willy ever again.

He is also working on writing a comedy television series with a working title of 'You Ain't Seen Nothing Yet'. He also has some live dates planned for both England and Norway. In the future, he plans to include greater elements of comedy, theatre and danger in his performances. 

John Otway was in Dublin for a performance at the TV Club on 22 April.

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 27 April 1983. The reporter is Carolyn Fisher. 

'Ireland's Eye' was a Tuesday-to-Friday series with human-interest stories and features from locations throughout Ireland. First broadcast on 7 October 1980, the programme ran until August 1983.