Patrick Moore shares his passion for planets, moons, stars, galaxies, and comets.

70 year old astronomer Patrick Moore is the presenter of the world's longest-running television show 'The Sky at Night'. Ahead of his guest appearance at an Astronomy Ireland conference in Dublin he talked to Bibi Baskin about, the moon landing, moon mapping and developing an interest in the stars. 

If you've ever wondered if there's life out there beyond planet earth, then maybe your attention will have been drawn to the existence of Astronomy Ireland.

As a boy, Patrick Moore would attempt to identify one new constellation of stars every night. 

Before long I knew my way around the sky.

He advises against buying a cheap telescope in favour of a good pair of binoculars for optical aid. He also advises contacting Astronomy Ireland who will be able to help. 

Patrick Moore's interest in space began in 1929 long before the beginning of the space age in 1957, when 'The Sky at Night' began. His maps of the moon were actually used in the moon landing in 1969 and he provided the commentary for the BBC during the moon landing. 

I was actually on the air when Neil Armstrong stepped out onto the moon's surface.

This episode of 'It's Bibi' was broadcast on 11 March 1993. The presenter is Bibi Baskin

‘It’s Bibi’ was one of several chat shows presented by Bibi Baskin on RTÉ Television. It ran from autumn 1992 to summer 1994. It was broadcast for half an hour on Tuesday and Thursday nights during its first season and for an hour on Wednesday nights during its second season.