An old Cork city landmark is developing a decidedly modern role.

Following a multi-million euro renovation, Blackrock Castle in Cork is to be converted into an Astronomy Centre.

Just a few years ago Blackrock Castle was on the verge of ruin. Now thanks to public and private money, it has been restored and converted, into what is hoped will be a cutting edge Astronomy Centre.

Project Manager Damien O'Mahony outlines plans to showcase the "origins of life in the universe" using technology and screens with a permanent exhibition for locals and tourists in the castle.

Take a journey from Blackrock Castle to the edge of the universe in search of life and extreme life.

Dr. Niall Smith, Head of Research, Cork Institute of Technology (C.I.T.) says that the Astronomy Research Centre at the Castle will train scientists for the future "through the medium of astronomy".

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 July 2006. The reporter is Emma O'Kelly.