The first stand alone purpose built public archive in the State is opened in Cork.

The new historical archive facility, is located on Great William O’Brien Street in Blackpool, Cork and is the first stand-alone archives building in the history of the State. It houses over six kilometres of material, dating back almost 400 years. The building was officially opened by Cork Lord Mayor Deirdre Clune and City Manager Joe Gavin.

Cork City Archivist Brian MacGee, tells RTÉ News why the new €3,000,000 building was required. The Archives had reached capacity and conditions were no longer suitable in their previous Christ Church location. It was important to move to a purpose built location in order to make the archives available to the public and to preserve their integrity. Clare Murphy of Cork City and County Archives describes the significance of the Chillingworth & Levie Architectural Archives contained in the collection as an excellent record of old Cork.

The new purpose-built facility, funded by Cork City Council under the 2005 Capital Programme and designed by the City Architect’s Department meets the latest standards for keeping fragile and unique manuscripts and other archives under proper conditions. It contains air-conditioned strongrooms for preserving archives, a public exhibition space and a large reading room for researchers to consult documents.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 5 July 2006. The reporter is Jennie O'Sullivan.