RTÉ is ready to launch new Irish language television soap Ros na Rún.

The first episode of the drama series 'Ros na Rún' will be broadcast on RTÉ Television on 28 December 1992. The soap will run on a pilot basis every day for a week on RTÉ One each episode is approximately 12 minutes. Ahead of the first programme, Mike Murphy is joined by the producer of Ros na Rún Con Bushe and television critic Helena Sheehan. 

Con Bushe explains that the idea for a popular drama series came out of thinking about marking the centenary of the Gaelic League in 1993. RTÉ wanted to mark this in some way by promoting the Irish language. The plan emerged to create an entertaining Irish language drama. The target audience for Ros na Rún is anyone who learned Irish at school as they should have no problem following the story. For those who don't have the Irish language there will be subtitles available on Aertel. 

The people who watch Glenroe, who watch Neighbours, who watch Coronation Street, who watch Fair City, who like a jolly good story.

Con Bushe believes that the success of a soap is based on good writing and the use of location shooting.

Helena Sheehan has yet to see Ros na Rún but is an addict when it comes to television soaps. The attraction for Helena comes from the vicarious involvement in other people's lives. 

The characters in the soap operas are more real than people's neighbours and sometimes their own family. 

This report opens with the signature theme tune for the new Irish language soap opera 'Ros na Rún'.

This episode of The Arts Show was broadcast on 22 December 1992. The presenter is Mike Murphy.