In a witty reflection on his career Harry O'Donovan describes the changes he has seen in theatre.

Actor, writer and theatre producer Harry O'Donovan was Jimmy O'Dea's long time collaborator and manager. In this episode of Self Portrait titled 'The Old Timer' he gives a humorous take on how theatre in Ireland has transformed in his time.

When Harry O'Donovan first took to the stage there was no television and no cinema or dance hall in many of the villages a touring show would visit. Actors were a mysterious group with little known about them. Today there are so many amateur and small theatre groups that theatres are not always full in Dublin because actors, singers and entertainers greatly outnumber the public.

Offering advice for those female actors wishing to play a leading part Harry O'Donovan says,

There are three ways in which you become a leading lady, by being good, by being bad or by being the managers wife.

Self Portrait: Harry O'Donovan was broadcast 6 February 1962.