Architect of the new Abbey Theatre Michael Scott speaks to Patrick Gallagher about both his excitement and apprehension when he landed the job of designing the new building.

Scott talks about the sentimentality of building a new theatre on the site of the old Abbey and how this decision affected his design. The old theatre was destroyed in a fire fifteen years earlier. 

I think we have produced a theatre which is intimate, which is efficient, which gives considerable flexibility for productions.

According to Scott a new element of mechanisation has been introduced to the theatre which will save a lot of labour in productions through the use of lifts, a moving ceiling, and lighting. Scott goes on to describe the stage design and the limitations imposed on the stage size by a lack of space. 

The decision to use the old site gave certain limitations.

This episode of 'Late Extra' presented by Patrick Gallagher was broadcast on 18 July 1966.

The new Abbey Theatre was officially reopened on 18 July 1966 fifteen years to the day after the old Abbey Theatre had been destroyed by fire.