Eamonn Andrews talks about his hopes for the Gaiety Theatre in Dublin.

With one of Dublin's most renowned theatres now leased to Eamonn Andrews Productions, Eamonn Andrews outlines the challenges and ideas to keep the Gaiety open. The intention is to keep many of the traditional shows and events that the public associate with the Gaiety, the Rathmines and Rathgar Musical Society shows, Dublin Grand Opera and symphony concerts but to also add new programming.

The projected plans are to keep the Gaiety Theatre open for at least the next three years and Eamonn Andrews hopes the public realise how close Dublin came to losing the theatre.There is no immediate desire to raise prices but Andrews thinks audiences should realise, 

We get our theatre in Dublin cheaper than any other capital city in the world

A Late Extra report broadcast on 23 September 1966. The report is by Dermot Mullane