'Exhibit A' looks at the plight of young actors as they try to forge careers in theatre and film.

In the opening sequence of this clip the young acting students are instructed to 

Break the rhythm of the rhyme. Don't act,  just use it.

They promptly break into a primal chant of 'Mary Had a Little Lamb'.

Irish writer, director and actor Gerry Stembridge outlines the challenges and opportunities facing young actors, and the economic pinch that they face.

Veronica Coburn is one of the young actors featured in this report, who Gerry Stembridge describes as

The ideal actress to work with.

According to Stembridge, Coburn has the temperament to become a good actress that directors will want to work with.

Also featured in this report is Peter Hanly with Theatre Unlimited in Kilkenny.

This episode of 'Exhibit A' was broadcast on 24 March 1986.