'Jo-Maxi' asks students, a theatre producer and a critic if Shakespeare is boring.

'Jo-Maxi' visits the Tivoli Theatre in Dublin to find out more about the Second Age Company's production of 'Othello'. A spokesman for the Second Age Company talks about making Shakespeare accessible to young people and providing a service to the school community.

Students voice their views on Shakespeare and theatre critic Fintan O'Toole talks about making the bard more accessible to a wider audience. There is a wide range of views about studying Shakespeare at school from the young people appearing in the vox pop. Fintan O'Toole talks about the importance of seeing a play in a live theatre environment which helps to make sense of it. He feels that theatre should be a normal part of life.

It doesn't make sense to study any play if you're not going to see the play.

This report for 'Jo Maxi' by Antoinette Dawson was broadcast on 16 February 1990.

Fintan O'Toole
Fintan O'Toole