What do Fair City actors do when they are not filming the soap?

Some actors "rest" as they say in the showbiz but others including those from the top rating RTÉ series 'Fair City' take to the roads of Ireland in the modern style of fit up theatre. Fair City meets John B Keane in this production of the comedy Moll. 

Mary Fanning caught up the cast of Moll in Athlone. The soaps stars have taken to the road and are touring Ireland with John B Keane's 'Moll'.  Gerard Byrne, who plays Malachy in Fair City, says that the summer is an ideal time for him to tread the boards as the entire production of Fair City closes down for six weeks. 

Mark O'Regan, plays Father Brest, talks about the recognition that television roles bring to a theatre audience. Des Nealon, who plays the Bishop in Moll, remembers well his early days travelling from town to town with theatre productions and never ceases to be amazed by the drawing power of television soap actors. 

They attract audiences. That's terribly important nowadays... Television stars are chosen to play certain parts because it draws audiences, takes them away from the box.

Athlone based producer Edward Farrell, who is responsible for the countrywide tour, comments on the importance of bringing theatre outside Dublin. 

Tony Tormey, who plays Paul Brennan in Fair City, comments on being known to the public as Paul

I'm in their house three times a week, so they know me as Paul.

Actor Peter Dix reflects on how theatre around the country has changed over the years.

A Nationwide report broadcast on 14 July 2000 following Fair City actors as they go on tour as part of the cast of the play Moll by John B Keane.

This report is introduced by Nationwide presenter Michael Ryan.