A selection of wedding photographs from the residents of Carrigstown from throughout the years.

Barry and Linda (1992)
Barry and Linda (1992)

Pat Nolan as Barry O'Hanlon and Caroline Rothwell as Linda O'Malley.
Photo by John Rowe

Nicola and Paul
Nicola and Paul (1995)

Claudia Carroll as Nicola Prendergast and Tony Tormey as Paul Brennan.  
Photo by John Rowe

Helen and Mike
Mike and Helen (1997)

Irish actors Seamus Moran as Mike Gleeson and Kira Carroll as Helen Doyle.  
Photo by John Rowe

Malachy and Kay
Malachy and Kay (1998)

Gerard Byrne as Malachy Costello and Sheila McWade as Kay McCoy.  
Photo by Thomas Holton

Jimmy and Lorraine
Jimmy and Lorraine (2000)

David Mitchell as Jimmy Doyle and Maeve McGrath as Lorraine Molloy.  
Photo by Thomas Holton

Leo and Pauline
Leo and Pauline (2001)

Dave Duffy as Leo Dowling and Lise-Ann McLaughlin as Pauline Fitzpatrick.
Photo by Thomas Holton

Billy and Carol
Billy and Carol (2001)

Irish actors Stuart Dunne as Billy Meehan and Aisling O'Neill as Carol Meehan.
Photo by John Cooney

Dermot and Jo
Dermot and Jo (2003)

Seamus Power as Dermot Fahey and Rachel Sarah Murphy as Jo Coughlan. 
Photo by Des Gaffney

Geraldine and Ken
Geraldine and Ken (2004)

Carmel Concannon Stephens as Geraldine Creagh and David Johnston as Ken Fahey.
Photo by Dennis O'Farrell

Jimmy and Robin
Jimmy and Robin (2004)

David Mitchell as Jimmy Doyle and Orlaith Rafter as Robin Doyle.
Photo by Denis O'Farrell

Lana and Leo
Lana and Leo (2004)

Tatianna Ouliankina as Lana Borodin and Dave Duffy as Leo Dowling.
Photo by Denis O'Farrell

Dominic and Tracey
Dominic and Tracey (2007)

Joe Gallagher as Dominic Kavanagh and Hilda Fay as Tracey Kavanagh.  
Photo by Des Gaffney

Gina and Ray
Gina and Ray (2008)

Deirdre Lawless as Gina Cassidy and Mick Nolan as Ray O'Connell.  
Photo by Des Gaffney

Niamh and Paul
Niamh and Paul (2008)

Clelia Murphy as Niamh Cassidy and Tony Tormey as Paul Brennan.  
Photo by Denis O'Farrell

Connie and Yvonne
Connie and Yvonne (2010)

Lisa Harding as Connie Boylan and Ciara O'Callaghan as Yvonne Doyle.  
Photo by Oistín MacBride

Esther and Charlie
Esther and Charlie (2012)

Eileen Colgan as Esther Roche and Tom Jordan as Charlie Kelly.  
Photo by Karl McCaughey