'Dickie Portrait of An Artist' follows the young Miami Showband front-man Dickie Rock a at home with his family, performing in the dance halls and courting his wife-to-be Judy.

The short film took ten days to shoot, and the film mixes a serious profile of the young singer with comedy and live performance.

Dickie Rock

The story line  is woven around many of Dickie’s best known-numbers and some, like a performance of ‘Strangers in the Night’ have been added to keep dialogue to the minimum and action to the maximum.

Dickie’s comic abilities are also captured in a sequence where he works-out in his home-made gym. The film ends with Dickie and Judy's wedding at Our Lady Queen of Heaven Church in Dublin Airport.

Dickie and Judy Rock

‘Dickie’ was first broadcast on 2 October 1966. It is written and directed by Adrian Cronin.