A number of threats, allegedly from Loyalist sources, have been made against musicians from the Republic of Ireland against playing concerts in the North.

The most recent threat was a death threat on Daniel O'Donnell. In a phone call to his hotel in Donegal, the caller said that the singer would be killed if he went ahead with four sold out shows in Newcastle, Co. Down. As a result of the threat the concerts were cancelled. O'Donnell said that he wanted to avoid any unnecessary risk for his band or fans. 

Three weeks previously, a hotel in Dublin received a letter which made a general warning against any artist playing in the North.

Gardaí have alerted music promoters to the threats. 

Commenting on RTÉ Radio Daniel O'Donnell said that confirmation on who is making the calls is needed. While there are doubts about the source of the threats artists such as Dickie Rock have been forced to cancel concerts in Northern Ireland.

A RTÉ News report by Mark Little broadcast on 18 July 1994.