Months earlier three members of the Miami Showband, Fran O’Toole, Brian McCoy and Tony Geraghty, were killed in UVF ambush now the band are back and ready to tour.

Derek Davis speaks to band member Des Lee about the reasons for continuing with the band and the new line-up. Demand from fans and support from the families of the deceased encouraged the band to reform. Along with Des Lee the original Miami Showband members include Ray Miller and Stephen Travers. When asked about the possibility of playing in Northern Ireland, Lee responds

As much as I would love to play the North again I hope that eventually we will be able to play it. At the present moment it's completely out of the question

The new line-up will make their first appearance in Galway, which was also their last Southern gig before the ambush. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 20 October 1975.

On 31 July 1975 the lives of three members of The Miami Showband came to a tragic and brutal end at the hands of a loyalist gang who attacked and murdered them in County Down.