Volunteers from the Limerick branch of Tuairim attempt to preserve the city's historic past.

Tuairim established a task force in February 1966 to preserve the old city walls of Limerick. They set about trying to clear weeds and brambles that have grown over the walls hiding them from view.

Every Tuesday night for weeks the group has been working at getting rid of the overgrowth. Spokeswoman for the group, Miss Anne Clune hopes that the project will take two more months to complete and acknowledges that it is tough work for 'girls' but they enjoy it

The walls are badly neglected. They are overgrown with weeds and briars somebody should do something about it. 

During their work they have come across a number of objects including a cannonball from 1691 used during the siege of Limerick.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 June 1966.