An archaeological dig on the banks of the River Lee is revealing life in Cork from hundreds of years ago.

'Jo-Maxi' visits Cork to find out how to mine the city's past. Accompanied by a group of young people, reporter Niamh White meets Sheila Lane, an archaeologist from University College Cork, who is working on a dig in Grattan Street on the banks of the River Lee in Cork.

What you are really looking at here... at each level that you will go down through, it's like a page of a history book.

Digging down will reveal animal bones and pottery which will provide a picture of what life was like in Cork 800 or 900 years ago.

The team also meet paleo-pathologist Catherine Power, who explains the science of working with bones.

This edition of 'Jo-Maxi' was broadcast on 4 December 1990. The presenter is Niamh White.