The discovery of three bronze guns off the coast of Sligo may point to the location of the wreckage of a Spanish Armada Ship.

Morning Ireland reports on the discovery of a Spanish Armada wreck off the coast of Sligo.

A team of British divers has made "a discovery of enormous significance" off the coast of Sligo. The discovery was made on the seabed at Streedagh Sligo, where three vessels of the Spanish Armada are believed to have gone down in 1588. 

Dr. Colin Martin of Saint Andrew's University spoke to David Hanly about the discovery and its archaeological significance. Dr. Martin points out that to date three bronze guns have been found on the site. The find is of major significance as it marks the site of one of the Armada wrecks. 

The Armada was defeated by the weather in the attack on Britain resulting in many wrecks around the Irish and British coasts.

This is the sixth Armada ship to be discovered. Dr. Martin identifies the three ships that are said to have gone down at Streedagh are La Lavia, La Juliana and the Santa Maria de Vison. As the guns that were discovered appear to come from Naples, it is thought that the ship in question is La Juliana, an Italian ship. Dr. Martin advises that if an excavation is to take place, it must be done properly which will take many years and cost a great deal of money. He further describes the discovery as

an enormous historical event. 

A Morning Ireland report broadcast on 21 May 1985.