Anchor House in Cork is a place for lonely sailors.

A 'Sunday' documentary from 1980 looks inside Anchor House, a seamen's club in Cork. After several months at sea, sailors could find themselves on land in an unfamiliar environment. The Catholic Church saw a need for a club where lonely sailors could go and be made welcome. The result was Anchor House, where local girls work as volunteers to entertain sailors. 

Some of the female volunteers in the club give their impressions of sailors in this extract. One even met her fiancé there saying

I've learnt that people can fall in love with sailors. They aren't rough. They're just lonely.

Another young woman describes the facilities on offer including billiards, a television room, a library and a dance floor if they'd like to dance the night away

'Sunday: A Bright Light for a Lonely Sailor' was broadcast on 13 January 1980.