On 22 March 1985, the Irish national sail training vessel Asgard II sailed on her maiden voyage from Union Quay in Cork across the Atlantic to the United States of America.

‘The Call of the Running Tide’ documents this unique voyage and the script is narrated by film director John Huston.

The Asgard II was named after the first Asgard owned by Erskine Childers author of the sea classic ‘The Riddle of the Sands’. This yacht was used to smuggle weapons for the Irish Volunteers in 1914.

The Asgard II was commissioned in 1981 and built by Irish naval architect Jack Tyrrell in Arklow, County Wicklow. She is probably the first brigantine, a ship with one square-rig, to sail to America since the great emigrant exodus of the 19th Century.

But Asgard II has, in a few short years, become a practical symbol of seafaring and adventure for scores of Irish people. This first voyage to America is the greatest adventure of all.

‘The Call of the Running Tide’ was broadcast on 7 January 1986. The programme was produced by Peter Canning.