Newsbeat is in the depths of Cork to report on the Festival of Tooreendohenybeg.

Following a year of festivals, the festival of this place and the queen of that place reporter Frank Duggan is in Cork to find out about a new festival. He speaks to Chairman of the Festival of Tooreendohenybeg Paddy Joe Cannavaun (Michael Twomey) who holds a chicken in his arms throughout the interview. Paddy Joe Cannavaun says the central theme of the festival will be,

Culture. Culture sir. This is going to be a cultural festival. None of them tug of wars or carnival queens or that of that sort of thing for us sir. No no sir. This is going to be a classical fleadh. None of them pop songs like they have up in Castlebar or them places. I tell you sir this festival is going to make that hooley they have up in Wexford look like a singing pub sir.

The interview takes place outside the Tooreendohenybeg town hall which has been aptly renamed 'The Frank Hall'.

This episode of Newsbeat was broadcast on 15 December 1970.