The Dancing Master recreates the atmosphere of the 18th century ballroom in this episode of 'Anthology'.

The programme demonstrates in a specially created ballet what a 20th century choreographer can do using 18th century styles of dance. 

The dancers include Iain Montague, Marie Louise Montague, Marie Cole, Stephanie Murphy, Jessica Swift, George Brady, Alan Cullen and Dermot Daly.

The script and choreography was by Iain Montague, and the music was conducted by John Beckett. The commentary is read by Florence Lynch and Tom Jordan. The programme was produced and directed by Bill Skinner.

Jim Plunkett Kelly won a Jacob's award for the 'Anthology' series in 1969 "for making a serious and successful attempt to use television and television techniques to promote an interest in the arts by turning out programmes which combine entertainment and artistic integrity".