Ireland is continuing to lose young highly educated graduates to emigration.

'Today Tonight' looks at the brain drain being caused by the emigration of young Irish graduates. Presenter John Bowman says that the dream of full employment has eluded all Irish governments and Ireland's young Europeans are heading to continental Europe in search of the jobs and pay they can't get at home.

 A student protest at UCD about education and emigration was organised to coincide with Taoiseach Charles Haughey's visit to the Belfield campus. The Taoiseach was there to lay a foundation stone for student residences on 29 May 1989.

The Union of Students in Ireland (USI) had organised the protest of about 100 students, who came from different colleges. Asked about the protest UCD graduate Charles Haughey tells the media,

I often took part in better demonstrations myself...and we are all lucky we are not in China.

A Today Tonight report broadcast 1 November 1989. The reporter is Fergus Ó Raghallaigh.