Preparation is the order of the day for those planning to emigrate. This is the message from the experts who have compiled a new booklet offering advice and information for those planning to leave Ireland.

The RTÉ radio programme, 'Both Sides Now' has compiled a new book 'A Guide to Moving to Britain' for those thinking of emigrating to Britain. 

Reporter Derek Cunningham was at the launch of the new information booklet and spoke to Kate Kelly, Information and Education Officer with the Emigrant Advice Centre in Dublin, about the level of emigration and the preparation and planning that is done prior to travel. 

Emigration is now running at a rate of 31,000 a year, compared with 46,000 for the previous year... We are over the worst of the exodus but emigration is still set to continue.

Kate points to the fact that emigration may not be falling because things are better in Ireland, but rather that it has become more difficult to emigrate. 

Cunningham comments that

London is a mean place and you have to do your homework before you head off.

Kate points to the fact that while information is available on emigration, the information needs to be targeted more effectively at those who need it. 

Author of 'Both Sides Now: Moving to Britain Guide' Ces Cassidy also comments on the background to the book and the need to provide information to those emigrating and comments that 

Preparation for emigration is a matter of months, not a matter of weeks.

A Morning Ireland report broadcast on 4 September 1990.