'Exiles' by James Joyce produced in association with the Abbey Theatre was the first RTÉ studio drama broadcast in colour.

'Exiles' was James Joyce's only play and centres on a writer's efforts to come to terms with human love, lust, fidelity and friendship.

The cast for this Abbey Theatre production featured Bosco Hogan as Richard, Nuala Hayes as Bertha, Kevin McHugh as Robert, Maire O'Neill as Beatrice, May Cluskey as Brigid, and Donald Reynolds as Archie. Wesley Burrowes was the script editor and Donal Farmer was the producer.

Written in 1914, after 'A Portrait of the Artist as Young Man' and before 'Ulysses', the play is set in Dublin in 1912 and centres around the character of Richard Rowan, said to be a semi-autobiographical figure of Joyce himself.

'Exiles' was first broadcast on 2 October 1974. The production was also part of a series of Joyce related programmes on 31 January 1982 to mark one hundred years since James Joyce's birth.