Actors in rehearsals for 'The Drowning Room', one of 20 plays in the Dublin Gay Theatre Festival.

Starting back in 2004 the festival was the only one of its kind in Europe and it aims to encourage and develop all concepts of gay theatre through a lively programme of theatrical productions.

This RTÉ News report from 2006 takes a look at the lead up to the festival, now in its third year.

The 2006 festival included 20 plays, from fun Eurovision events to the more serious gender issues. In this report actors rehearse the play 'The Drowning Room' which explores the subject of gay hate crime and its effects.

The festival reportedly received no public funding.

Brian Merriman, Festival Director comments

We're well aware of the fact that we have a bigger hill to climb if we want to use our rights to express our culture in Ireland and to bring international culture here. Don't just support this because it's gay theatre. Come to it because it's good theatre.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 27 April 2006.