The Overdraught bar in Cork runs into difficulties with the Central Bank.

The Overdraught in Tracton, County Cork is run by husband and wife team Bob and Maura Carpenter. The Carpenters bought the bar in 1975 and at around the same time, Bob Carpenter happened to be at an auction where he bought a bank counter for £5. This counter was once in the Allied Irish Bank on the South Mall in Cork City and now is the centrepiece for the bar, giving rise to its name The Overdraught.

Panelling and part of the entrance to The Overdraught was sourced from the Munster Arcade department store on St Patrick's Street in Cork when it ceased trading.

Everything seemed to fit in like a jigsaw.

Less enamoured with The Overdraught’s banking theme is the Central Bank of Ireland. When officials discover the design for The Overdraught’s table mats are based on the design of a pound note, Bob Carpenter receives a strongly worded letter from the Central Bank citing copyright infringement.

Bob Carpenter is incredulous that anybody would believe his table mats are legal tender,

Do you think you could cash this in the bank, you know, look at the size of it.

Bowing to pressure, Bob Carpenter has redesigned his table mats and agreed to destroy all copies of the original design. He is pleased with The Overdraught's trade. Although tourist numbers are down, they are a bonus rather than the mainstay of his business.

This episode of 'Ireland's Eye' was broadcast on 20 October 1981. The reporter is Pat Butler.