'Newsbeat' gets the thoughts of the public on the growing popularity of ballad pubs.

Ballad pubs, where a drink can be enjoyed while listening to live performances of traditional ballads are very much part of the capital's entertainment scene at the moment, but what does the average Dubliner think of them?

Newsbeat reporter George Devlin was in Rathmines and Camden Street to find out. In the main, people who talked to him are positively disposed towards them,

I think they're very entertaining.

I think they're quite jolly for people that are young.

I like a nice sing-song.

For some however, a ballad pub is the last place they would go,

I don't go in for ballads at all.

But even those who prefer a drink in a quiet pub can see why ballad singers might hold an appeal for others,

I don't frequent them, but I don't begrudge anyone else that enjoys that sort of an entertainment.

This report for 'Newsbeat’ was broadcast on 25 May 1971. The reporter is George Devlin.

'Newsbeat' was a half-hour feature programme presented by Frank Hall and ran for seven years from September 1964 to June 1971. 'Newsbeat' went out from Monday to Friday on RTÉ television and reported on current affairs and issues of local interest from around Ireland. The final programme was broadcast on 11 June 1971.