Áine O'Connor speaks to some Moore Street traders and shoppers on what it means to be a Dubliner.

They talk about what is good about Dublin - from jobs for culchies to Heffo and the Dubs, Gay Byrne, Noel Purcell, Molly Malone's pub, Maureen Potter, and Rosie The Queen of Moore Street. Rosie, now aged 88, has been working on Moore Street since the age of 10. 

I was born and reared in number 12 across the road.

This episode of Last House was broadcast on 4 September 1975.

'Last House' was launched as a summer magazine programme featuring all the latest arts news in 1975. It was produced by John McColgan and presented by Tom McGurk and Áine O'Connor. It was so popular that it was converted into 'First House' for the autumn season, reverting to 'Last House' the following summer, when it was produced by Agnes Cogan.