Support remains strong in her hometown of Cobh for Sonia O'Sullivan despite a setback at the Olympic Games.

Following Sonia O’ Sullivan’s withdrawal from the 5000 metres final at the Olympic Games in Atlanta, people in her hometown of Cobh, County Cork are feeling disappointed and shell-shocked.

The townspeople gathered in the Commodore Hotel to watch the race were in high spirits. But as they watched the drama unfold on television, their hopes and expectations were dashed. With two laps remaining Sonia O'Sullivan left the track and exited the stadium.

That's the way sport goes.

However Cobh remains firmly behind Sonia O’Sullivan with many locals believing she can win gold in the 1500 metres.

I was very disappointed in the result, but I but I think she can do better there must have been something wrong with her last night.

A visitor to Cobh notes the palpable sense of disappointment around the town,

Everybody’s downhearted like, because it just didn’t materialise.

Another visitor has sympathy for Sonia O’Sullivan,

I feel very sorry for her now, disappointed.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 29 July 1996. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.