A task force has been set up in Cobh with the aim of making the Cork town a major tourist location.

A visit from a West German battleship is just the beginning of what is hoped will be a revival of interest in the town and making it a port of call for foreign naval vessels. The naval visit also marks the start of the long-running town tradition of Cobh Regatta.

A new determination in Cobh to become a major tourist location.

The Cobh task force was set up under the guidance of Bishop of Cloyne Dr John Magee who hoped to develop a new sense of confidence amongst the people of the town. 

I felt that the community together, with myself and the priests, would be able to make of Cobh one of the finest places in Ireland.

 A cleanup of the town has already begun along with the planting of new trees and shrubs. There are also plans to illuminate the cathedral.

Joe Wilson, a member of the task force, explains the importance of Dr Magee's influence in providing an outsider's view of the town. 

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 15 August 1988. The reporter is Tom MacSweeney.