The White Witch of Cobh advises on how to deal with ghosts at the Annual World Ghost Convention.

The return of the dead is a traditional theme at Halloween, when the veil between worlds is said to be thin.

Reporter Cian McCormack visits Cork City Gaol, where the Annual World Ghost Convention is being held. The convention organisers chose this 19th century building because they believe it has its own resident ghosts. One of the speakers at the convention is Helen Barrett, the White Witch of Cobh, who advises on how to deal with ghosts at Halloween: "the spirits will always leave a room if you chime a bell. Have sea salt if you can".

Gaol manager Elizabeth Kearns says the convention is "a serious academic evening" while organiser Catherine Courtney wants to raise awareness of the supernatural world because many people who have experienced it would be "afraid or embarrassed to come forward".