Two ghost enthusiasts share spectral stories of haunted houses.

Kevin Fitzsimons is a old semi-retired tour operator. Instead of taking to the garden to keep himself busy during his retirement, he has taken up ghost hunting. 

It's a feeling that you sense that there's another presence there.

Kevin Fitzsimons claims to know when a spirit is good or evil. He says poltergeist activities are never evil as a poltergeist is by definition a playful ghost. One of his favourite sites for ghost hunting is in Castletown House in county Kildare, where it is claimed there are two restless spirits. 

At Castletown House Kevin Fitzsimons is joined by another ghost enthusiast Philippa Garner. She claims to have witnessed spirits in the house on two separate occasions, both times involving late 18th century chamber music. Both have stories about the history of the eerie presence in the house including boggy floors and banging doors.

In the foothills of the Dublin mountains, Kevin Fitzsimons also found a similar negative influence in Killakee House near the Hellfire Club. 

The Hellfire Club was an old hunting lodge rumoured to have been the scene of devil worship.

Owner of Killakee House Josef Frei, who runs a restaurant there, claims that he nor his family have never witnessed any ghostly presence. However, some of the customers in the restaurant claim to have felt a negative presence in the house. One customer claimed to have seen a hunchbacked man standing at the back of the room staring at her. 

It's the spirit of the murdered hunchback that moves restlessly through the passages of Killakee House.

An RTÉ News report  broadcast on 7 March 1985. The reporter is Maggie O'Kane.