Kilkea Castle is a place with a troubled past once home to the Earl Wizard and where allegedly his spirit lives on.

Accompanied by ghost hunter Tom Corbett, Derek Davis visits the reportedly haunted Kilkea Castle in Castledermot, County Kildare.

Tom Corbett immediately picks up on a mood in the castle.

The place is full of atmosphere.

After entering the dining hall he is convinced of an eerie presence.

I feel sure that there's a presence here and he would be wearing a suit of armour.

The oldest tree on the estate is a holly tree. Tom Corbett explains that holly trees were always put on either side of a gate to keep out evil, witches and anything that goes bump in the night.

According to legend the Wizard Earl, he practiced the black arts at Kilkea Castle and was banished because of a spell that went wrong. The legend goes that on the seventh day of the seventh month on the seventh year after the event, the Earl appeared. Last July, a young local man Eamonn Farrell had a terrifying experience while walking past the graveyard with his girlfriend Geraldine. They heard the beat of horse’s hooves and went to investigate. In a field, they could see the dark silhouette of a horse with something bright on top reflecting the moonlight. Eamonn corroborates Tom Corbett’s suggestion that the man on the horse was wearing a suit of armour. After running up and down the field, the horse went towards the castle and just disappeared. The couple ran back to Geraldine’s house, the pair checked the calendar and it was the fifth of the seventh and not the seventh of the seventh as the legend goes.

You must have been frightened out of your lives.

Tom Corbett describes seeing a ghost for the first time as an unpleasant experience. He was ten years old when he claims to have encountered his first ghost but is now accustomed to seeing them.

Tom Corbett and Derek Davis visit a room in the castle with a peculiar reputation. Tom Corbett describes it as a very unhappy room where tragedies have taken place. He believes that the murder of both a man and a woman have taken place in the room. Derek Davis confirms Tom’s prediction saying that two bodies had been found in the room. The room was in fact the chamber in which the Wizard Earl practiced the black arts.

This episode of 'Davis at Large’ was broadcast on 1 December 1985. The presenter is Derek Davis.