In 1970 'Newsbeat' met some seventh sons of seventh sons.

Ringworm, cow pox, back pains, leg pains, joints creaking and twisting with age. These are the things seventh sons are called upon to soothe, breathe on, and to lay their hands upon.

One in particular, Finbar Nolan, demonstrates the healing powers that many believe come with being born the seventh son of a seventh son. Finbar's mother tells Michael Ryan about being the mother of a seventh son. Mrs. Nolan discusses the connection between the healing powers of the seventh son and worms.

We also meet a man who called in the services of a seventh son to cure, who describes his ailment and what was done to cure him. 

Mrs. Kathleen Bannon of Clarinbridge, Co. Galway is also the mother of a seventh son of a seventh son, Gabriel, age 6. Kathleen spoke to Michael Ryan about the gift that comes with being a seventh son. 

The music used in this report is 'Seventh Son' performed by Georgie Fame.

This 'Newsbeat' report was broadcast on 11 March 1970.