Practitioners of bio-energy healing say their therapy helps with illness by working with the energy field that surrounds an individual.

Bio-Energy Healing practitioners Tom Griffin from Irishtown in County Mayo and Michael O’Doherty from Doonbeg in County Clare are former prison wardens. Bio energy is an extrasensory perception (ESP) healing science that sees the men working with the energy field that surrounds the body.

Where people have an illness we can detect it in this field using ESP.

Neither Tom Griffin nor Michael O’Doherty has any specific medical training but they are achieving amazing results beyond the reach of conventional medicine. A therapy technique from Yugoslavia, Bio-Energy Healing does not require any medical knowledge. Tom Griffin and Michael O’Doherty are mediators,

We understand how the body is formed energetically, I wonder do the medics, do they know what we know about how the energy content of a body.

Tom Griffin is confident their results prove Bio-Energy Healing works and while the treatment may look amusing to onlookers, it is very serious. Over the course of a year he and Michael O’Doherty have treated 20,000 people and their weekly clinics are booked out completely for the year ahead.

The Henry family from Tubbercurry in County Sligo are firm believers in the power of Bio-Energy Healing. Dermot Henry suffered a stroke but due to the therapy,

I feel good, mentally I feel good too.

His wife Daisy Henry sees the benefit Bio-Energy Healing has made to their 11 year old son Anthony’s epilepsy,

I believe that Anthony will definitely be cured.

Brian Kelly and his son Robert have travelled from Chicago in search of a cure for Robert’s deafness. Brian Kelly believes the spent 4,000 dollars spent to date, as well as the inconvenience of leaving family and taking time off work has been worth it.

Another man at the clinic debunks claims of exploitation. People would not attend if Bio-Energy Healing did not work,

All these people can’t be wrong.

An RTÉ News report broadcast on 3 February 1991. The reporter is Jim Fahy.