Pilgrims continue to visit a well near Miltown in Kildare in the hope of obtaining a cure for a range ailments.

Situated on the Curragh plains near the village of Miltown, Father Moore’s Well is one of the best known holy wells in County Kildare.

The patron of the well Father John Moore was born in 1779. It is believed he had healing powers and could perform supernatural acts such as lighting candles with his breath.

Prior to his death in 1926, Father Moore is thought to have blessed the well so that pilgrims could continue to receive cures after his death.

It’s a good 144 years since the gifted Father Moore performed his seemingly miraculous works on the unfortunate sick, but even today the cure still holds good.

Death has not stopped Father Moore from administering to his flock. The well sees a constant stream of pilgrims every Sunday.

Patrick McCormack tells of a boy born without sight, who, after his third visit to the well had full vision. The abandoned crutches at the well used to belong to a man from Carbery in County Cork who was also cured on his third visit to the well.

A month ago local man Joe Ryan met a woman cured of paralysis because of the well. He explains the well's healing power comes from drinking the water combined with prayer. He regularly drinks the water himself.

Isn’t that what has me alive.

Father Moore’s hat is also an object of veneration. It is said to have the power to cure headaches and problems relating to sight or hearing. The hat has been in the care of the Forde family since Father Moore's death. Thomas Forde is the hat's present custodian.

You put it on your head, kneel down, say a few prayers.

There is no charge for access to the hat and it does not require any special box or maintenance,

It will take care of itself.

The hat looks shabby because people regularly try to tear off pieces to keep as souvenirs.

A 'Newsbeat’ report broadcast on 30 September 1970. The reporter is Michael Ryan.