A Yugo 45 is the postal quiz prize for one lucky viewer of 'The Late Late Show'.

After free trade began in 1984, some unusual makes of car began arriving in Ireland from places such as Eastern Europe. Yugocars built in Yugoslavia are attempting to take advantage of the popularity of the Ford Fiesta in Ireland.

Gay Byrne drives a Yugo 45, to the entrance of RTÉ Television Centre. The brand new car is the prize for ‘The Late Late Show’ postal quiz.

It could be your fortune this week or next ladies and gentlemen, to have yourself a new car for the summer.

Yugocars are based on Fiat licensed engine transmission and components. The Yugo 45 specifications include wall to wall carpet on the inside, radio as standard, steering lock, reversing lights, rear fog lamp and rear wash wiper.

A fine robust little motorcar.

While the Yugo 45  is built to a high specification it is also economical and is on the market for £5,900.

This episode of ‘The Late Late Show’ was broadcast on 18 May 1985. The presenter is Gay Byrne.